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August 2015

Sword Art Online 2 : Redemption

by Alexandre Denault, on MMORPG, Anime

The second season of Sword Art Online is redemption for the series. As much as I was critical of the first season, the second season greatly impressed me. The series continues its exploration of humanity living in a new online world, without stumbling into bad anime cliché. To talk about the second season would be to ruin it. However, I finished the series with a tear, something very uncommon for…



June 2015

Sword Art Online Shows Promise, but Ultimately Disappoints

by Alexandre Denault, on MMORPG, Anime

Anime in a Tech blog? In the world of Sword Art Online (SAO), thousands of players are trapped in a virtual reality MMORPG. If removed from the game, or if their character dies, they die. The only way to escape is to reach the 100th floor of the main dungeon and defeat the final boss. With virtual reality headsets hitting the market in the next year, the ideas presented in…