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October 2009

Halo Wars – Not that bad

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, Console, Halo

I have a very bad track record with PC games ported to consoles. My first experience was Diablo for the Playstation. Latter, I discovered a rare copy of Eye of the Beholder for SNES. Both games left a bitter taste in my mouth. Imagine my surprised when it was announced that the Halo RTS would be an Xbox 360 exclusive. Very few real time strategy (RTS) games have been ported…



September 2006

Idiots in Online Communities

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, PC, Halo, PvP

When I played Ragnarok Online, I was surprised by the quality of the online community. After playing Diablo II (which has its fair share of idiots), it’s understandable to be disoriented by a community where people help each other, and with very little swearing. Given that Ragnarok Online requires you to invest a lot of time, its easy to see that most of the idiots get weeded out pretty…