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April 2016

Steel Stratus XL

by Alexandre Denault, on Console, iPad, iPod, Apple, Controller

Game controllers for mobile devices are a strange compromise : they offer superior controls in games while severely impacting the “mobility” aspect of mobile devices. Regardless, some games just cannot be played on a touch screen. If you are using an Apple device, you’ll need an mFi controller. Those shopping around for a game controller should take a look at the Steel Series Stratus XL, which offers a solid game…



March 2010

iPad: It makes sense to me

by Alexandre Denault, on Market, iPad

I love my iPod Touch. I carry the little thing everywhere. The synchronization between its application and google apps (mail, contacts, calendar, etc.) is seamless, which is a huge bonus for me. I also get to carry all my music and pictures. I’m even writting this post using the wordpress application. For years, we have looked at the datapads in StarTrek TNG and scoffed, how can a computer be…