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April 2016

Steel Stratus XL

by Alexandre Denault, on Console, iPad, iPod, Apple, Controller

Game controllers for mobile devices are a strange compromise : they offer superior controls in games while severely impacting the “mobility” aspect of mobile devices. Regardless, some games just cannot be played on a touch screen. If you are using an Apple device, you’ll need an mFi controller. Those shopping around for a game controller should take a look at the Steel Series Stratus XL, which offers a solid game…



November 2009

iPod Touch in the house

by Alexandre Denault, on Music, iPod

Have you ever heard about iPod envy? I’ve heard it’s when you buy a second iPod, the first gets envious. I bought my first iPod about three years ago, a 2GB nano to replace my dying rio player. About a year after, I upgraded to a 80gig iPod video, which I’ve never been able to fill completely. I was in love, I carried the little thing everwhere.…