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May 2011

Is That Rouge?

by Alexandre Denault, on Game Development, PC, Java, Network Programming

I like iOS development. I am actually starting to see some elegance in Objective-C, even thought it has the strangest syntax ever. So far, I’ve release BlokPanic. The next game, I want it to be multiplayer, possibly even massively multiplayer. The problem is that I need some server software. Currently, there are three big names in server software for the kind of game I want to make: SmartFox Server…



October 2007

Tools of the Trade

by Alexandre Denault, on Game Development, Java

I’m a Computer Scientist by training. My specialty is solving problems. Most of the time, solving that problem involves programming. Thus the importance of having the propers tools to solve problems. I’ll admit that I’m a fan of Java. Although I understand the power and flexibility of C and C++, I can easily say that I prefer error messages with more information that “Core Dump”. I won’…