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January 2016

Dell PowerEdge T20 : Simple Home Server Solution

by Alexandre Denault, on PC, Hardware, Linux, Dell, Server

A server is a computer decided to providing one or more services. In the case of home offices, the most common type would be the file server : a computer dedicated to storing and sharing files. Server hardware is typically designed to be more robust than regular computer hardware, mostly because they operate continuously and safeguard important data. This type of hardware if often costly, bulky and fairly noisy. The Dell…



October 2015

Special Flavors of Linux

by Alexandre Denault, on Linux, Firewall, Virtualization, Raid

One of the important aspect of Linux is its Open Source nature: everyone is free to contribute and no one "owns" Linux. This creates a great diversity which is both a strength and a weakness for the operating system. Wars over the best "distro" of Linux are fought with religious zeal. Best known are the generalist Linux distributions, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOs and Fedora for example. These distributions…



August 2015

Introduction to Password Managers

by Alexandre Denault, on PC, MacOs, Linux, Passwords, Security

Given the ridiculous number of high profile hacks, password security is more important than ever. Proper password etiquette can be summarizes to two rules : Use strong passwords (composed of characters and digits, no dictionary words) Do not reuse passwords in more than one place The problem is that passwords are difficult to remember because of the first rule, and you need a large number of them because of the second…



April 2015

10 Years of Blogging

by Alexandre Denault, on Transformers, Hardware, Videogames, Movies, Linux, Blogs, Apple

Back in April 15, 2005, I wrote : Why would I have a blog? I’ve had different webpages since I’ve been on the Internet (around 1996). But times are changing. Personnal webpages are out, Blogs are in. What’s a guy to do? Four days latter, I wrote my first blog post, describing the importance of upgrading the BIOS on my new MSI K8T Neo2 motherboard. Today, I am…



November 2014

BrickPi - Raspberry Lego

by Alexandre Denault, on Toys, Linux, Lego, Robots

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to receive a Lego NXT Mindstorm kit as a gift from my wife. With it, one can build a robot using technical legos, motors and sensors. A special programmable brick is used to control the behavior of the robot. As a programmer, I was scepticale about Lego's icon-based programming language. Something like Linux and Python would be much more flexible, but flashing…