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August 2015

Ouya : Officially Dead

by Alexandre Denault, on Ouya, Android, Videogames, Razer

I don't usually post about news items, but I've been an avid follower of the Ouya ever since its Kickstarter campaign. Lots of friend laugh at me for buying the console, and they were probably right. But Ouya represented a dream of an open console, a dream worth funding. Unfortunately, that dream came to an end on July 27th, 2015, when Razer acquired Ouya's software assets. It is depressing, but…



July 2014

The Revolution is Waiting for the Upgrade

by Alexandre Denault, on Ouya, Android, Console, Towerfall, Kickstarters

The Ouya is one of the most important Kickstarter success story, gathering $8,596,474 in funding. Ouya's promise: the revolution would be televised. The console would usher a new world of Android games on TV. The product itself was released about a year ago, giving developers fair opportunities to publish on the platform. My experiences with the console have been ... mixed. Getting the Console I pre-ordered the console shortly…