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April 2007

It's Unreal

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, PC, PvP

Last month, after playing a lot of Guildwars, I was in the mood for something different. So I fired up my copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 and played a whole lot of Onslaught online. I was surprise to see that there are still a lot of UT 2004 servers out there. However, I almost always play on the same servers, the Omnip)o(tentS. Founded on March 25th 2004, Omnip)…



September 2006

Idiots in Online Communities

by Alexandre Denault, on Videogames, PC, Halo, PvP

When I played Ragnarok Online, I was surprised by the quality of the online community. After playing Diablo II (which has its fair share of idiots), it’s understandable to be disoriented by a community where people help each other, and with very little swearing. Given that Ragnarok Online requires you to invest a lot of time, its easy to see that most of the idiots get weeded out pretty…