1-800-OK CANON

1-800-OK CANON

Let’s face it. Technical support can be very difficult. Solving a problem with only a short phone call can be a tricky challenge. However, when I contact a company for technical support, I expect good service. One of my favorite stories is with Canon.

Several years ago, I purchased a small Canon Inkjet, a BJC-2100. It was an impressive little printer. I could connect it to my computer using a USB or parallel connection. I had two computers, so I was wondering if I could use both connections at the same time. Of course, I emailed Canon with my question.

I have two computers at home. I was wondering if I could connect one computer with a USB connection and the other with the parallel. Could this cause any problem with my printer.

A simple question. However, the answer suprised me.

The printer BJC2100 was not intended for such a purpose and was never tested here if it was possible.

You may attempt the procedure, but it is more at your own risk. If you did manage to get it working, please feel free to write us back with the results.

Hum, so Canon is asking me to try it at my own risk. And if it does work, they want to know about it. Hardly seems fair. Of course, this is probably not representitive of all technical support at Canon. But it sure is funny :-)