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A Really Good PS3 Deal

A Really Good PS3 Deal
Photo by Nikita Kostrykin / Unsplash

Although I never though I would buy a next gen console this early. However, EBGames Canada had an offer I could hardly refuse. If you traded in 10 games (worth at least 8$ in their system), you could buy a Playstation 3 (60 gig) for 400$ CAD (that’s about 350 USD). That’s quite an offer if you consider that FutureShop is still selling the 60 Gig model for 700$ CAD.

Of course, to take advantage of this offer, I needed 10 games to trade in. I like to keep games I’ve completed, so I usually don’t trade in. However, I was surprise by the number of games I had bought but never finished (mostly because they were really bad). Armed with 14 crappy games, I set out to EBGames. 7 of my games qualified, not enough to take advantage of the offer. So I turned around and bought 3 games for about 60$ that I knew qualified for the offer. And voilà , a shiney new Playstation 3.

I’ve downloaded demos and tried out a lot of PlayStation 3 games. They are nice, but nothing I would like to spend 70$ on yet. Right now, I’m enjoying playing all my PS2 games in 480p with a wireless controller. Of course, I’m keeping a close lookout on Final Fantasy XIII and White Knight :-) Any other good games I should keep a look out for?