iPad: It makes sense to me

iPad: It makes sense to me
Photo by Henry Ascroft / Unsplash

I love my iPod Touch. I carry the little thing everywhere. The synchronization between its application and google apps (mail, contacts, calendar, etc.) is seamless, which is a huge bonus for me. I also get to carry all my music and pictures. I’m even writting this post using the wordpress application.

For years, we have looked at the datapads in StarTrek TNG and scoffed, how can a computer be that large and have a touch interface. Yet the iPad is exactly that, a large touch pad with wireless capacity. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

The main special appeal of the iPad is that all my hard earned iPod purchases, especially the applications, can be transfered. I like my iPod experience and I appreciate that the positive aspect remain. Another impressive feature is the 3G wireless providing Internet wherever cell coverage is available.

However, this is an Apple toy, so you can expect some of the traditional negative points. First of all, it expensive, starting at a simple 599 USD for the 16 GB WIFI model and prices going high for the 64 GB 3G model. In addition, it features no external ports (SD, USB, or otherwise) to add extra memory. This is kinda how Apple can get away with a 100 USD markup for 16 GB of flash memory. I pretty much expect the OS to be crippled like the iPod Touch, not allowing tethering with cell phones for data transfers.

Then again, I do want to buy one. Given how often I use the iPod Touch, the iPad just make sense to me. It would be so much more practical to carry around. All that’s missing, Office for iPad.