iPod Touch in the house

iPod Touch in the house

Have you ever heard about iPod envy? I’ve heard it’s when you buy a second iPod, the first gets envious.

I bought my first iPod about three years ago, a 2GB nano to replace my dying rio player. About a year after, I upgraded to a 80gig iPod video, which I’ve never been able to fill completely. I was in love, I carried the little thing everwhere. But, as with all consumer electronic, the honeymoon period ended and I upgraded.

As the title suggests, I purchased an iPod Touch, the 32gig model. I must admit that this is me giving into peer pressure. A large number of people in my environment have an iPod touch or an iPhone and they love it. I refuse to get an iPhone, as it is pretty close to a blackberry and those things ruin lives. But the iPod Touch seemed like a good buy,since I use my iPod daily. I’m actually typing this post on it from the train. So how does it fair?

Music, video, and pictures, it does perfectly. This should be a no brained, iPods have been doing this for years. The real magic lies in all the applications available for it. So far, I’ve only played with the wordpress application, skype and a game called dungeon hunter. Still, I’m impressed. I would say the biggest challenge has been learning to type on the thing. It coming along slow, but good.

So should my other iPod be envious? Well, I will be using it a lot less often, but I still plan on using it, especially given the lousy reputation the Touch has with battery life. But yeah, it should be really jealous, it just got totally outclassed.