Markups, Increasing the Price for Collectors

Markups, Increasing the Price for Collectors

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I like to collects some Transformers. This is why I was so exited when I learned that Montreal was going to host a small toy convention this June. I decided to go.

First of, the convention was much smaller than I expected. After visiting Anime Overdose 2005 in SF and Anime North 2006 in Toronto, this was much smaller. The main goal was for stores to sell toys, which is fine by me. The viewing room was a group of 20 chairs in front of a TV in the back of a room.

I went there in the hopes of finding a Cybertron Wing Saber. I’ve been looking for this figure like mad for the last 2 months. Unfortunately, I’m not interested in buying an overpriced version from Australia. I don’t know why I like this transformer so much (other than the fact that it combines with one of my favorite Optimus). Maybe because I find that this Transformer is a cool combination of the Delta Megazord and the Mega Winger. I didn’t find a Cybertron Wing Saber, but I did see an original Energeon Wing Saber.

All that aside, I was shocked to see the markup found on most collector items. One store tried to sell me a damage out of box SoundWave for 100$. Of course, I could get an almost identical, Commemorative Soundwave, for 78$ (mint in box) instead. Both of these items were way over price, especially if you shop on Ebay, like I do. However, I saw people more than willing to pay this markup. And don’t you dare thinking of buying an Optimus Prime there. A mint-in-box PowerMaster Optimus with Apex armor was well over 180$.

My tip to collectors for the moment is to stick with Ebay. The business of nostalgia is pretty good and lots of people are making a good living selling old overpriced toys.