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No Pressure, Just Buy!

Last week, I received a coupon from TigerDirect. I could save 20$ of my next 200$ purchase. The catch, the coupon expired in less than two days. I also received a similar deal from Dell. I could get great savings on computers, but only until the end of weekend ( less than two days ).

Pressure sales are nothing new. Anybody who has shopped for a car will tell you that the pressure is on when the salesmen gets a comission. Even infomercials on TV want you to call in the next 30 minutes for grrreat! savings. Is this just an emerging thrend for online commerce?

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About Alex Denault

Veteran software developer / sysadmin and holds a PhD in Computer Science. Avid computer enthusiast (geek) who has been dabbling with technology ever since his Dad brought home an 8086 computer.
  • Canada
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