Thanks for Reaching Out

Thanks for Reaching Out
Photo by Hanny Naibaho / Unsplash

Thanks for reaching out and reserving time with me. You should receive a confirmation email. Until then, free to check out my LinkedIn page or some of my favorite article on my blog.

Gods Unchained : Earning Money for Playing Video Games
Digital collectible card games have a fundamental flaw: cards are locked in the economy of the game. Gods Unchained gives a person ownership by minting cards as NFTs and allow players to earn money for their wins.
The Silent Server Cabinet Project
When building a homelab, noise is a common concern. Enterprise-level servers were never designed to be quiet. For those resourceful enough, you can build a sound proof cabinet. Here is how Technodabbler did it.
Web Application using GitHub Actions and Kubernetes on Digital Ocean
The way we develop and deploy Web Applications has changed a lot in the last 10years. Typically, such a project would require skills in three fields : * Knowledge of a programming language to build a web applications. * Knowledge of system administration, as to manage the platform that will hos…