Leveling Up for Charity

Reflecting on a successful year, we raised over $600 for Extra Life. Excited for 2024, we plan more gaming and giving, with a recap and live stream ahead.

Leveling Up for Charity
ExtraLife 2023 livestream, playing Geoguesser

As we close off an incredible year, it's time to reflect on a remarkable achievement in our gaming for good journey. Together, we've not only embraced our passion for gaming but turned it into a force for positive change, raising an impressive $611.28 for Extra Life, surpassing our milestone of $500. This success is a testament to the power of our community and the difference we can make. Our dedication over the past eight years, and particularly this year's live stream event, showcased our commitment to changing children's lives, proving that every game played and every dollar donated makes a significant impact.

Looking ahead to 2024, we're excited to continue this journey of gaming and giving. I'm thrilled to announce that I've signed up for Extra Life 2024, ready to make an even bigger impact. Stay tuned for a recap video of our 2023 live stream, reliving the fun and camaraderie that defined our efforts. As we gear up for another year of gaming for a cause, remember to mark your calendars for our end-of-year live stream event. Together, let's keep this incredible momentum going, turning our love for gaming into a beacon of hope for children in need.

What game should we stream in 2024? Sound off in the comments below with your suggestions. This isn't the first Extra-Life stream. You might be interested in learning about the previous stream. And you can get more Technodabbler articles directly in your inbox as they are published by subscribing to our mailing list.