What am I playing these days?

What am I playing these days?
Photo by Jakub Sisulak / Unsplash

A couple of month ago, I caved in and bought an Xbox 360. There are several games I wanted to play on that platform and although most of them eventually become available for the PC (Halo, Mass Effect, Gears, etc), I wanted to play them on their original platform. Now, I’m just praying that the console doesn’t break down. At least Microsoft improved their licensing scheme.

I recently finished Mass Effect, which was an incredible experience. The puts you in the seat of an epic Star Trek episode. There’s no real other way to describe it, it just feels epic. It’s also one of the first game I play where the way they finish the game is extremely satisfying, even if its a blatant opening of Mass Effect 2. If your into action games, RPGs, and Sci-Fi, I can’t recommend this game enough.

I recently played the Mirror’s Edge demo. The game is an adrenaline rush, no doubt about it. However, I wonder if 4 hours into the game, if I’ll still have that adrenaline rush. Thus, I’m not sure if I’ll buy the full game, unless I find it on sale (and a real good sale at that). I was planning on buying MegaMan 9 … until I played the demo that is. I know the MegaMan games have a history of being hard, but this is ridiculous. The game was clearly made for another class of gamers … a class that I am not a member … a class that plays Ninja Gaiden :-)

So right now, I’m playing Battlefield, Bad Company. I was attracted to the bad by the humorous marketing campaign. See marketing does work. Of course, it doesn’t work perfectly because I still waiting for a sale :-) The game itself is very good. I was expecting a bit more humor in the game, but unfortunately, like any good movie, the good jokes are in the trailers :-) The destructible environments integrate very well into the game, and I like how the game punishes me for rushing into a situation. You have to be calm and take your time. The controls I hate. And I can’t remap them. However, the game is fun. I would recommend it to any shooter fan looking for a good solo campaign.

Once I finish Bad Company, maybe I can finally finish Portal and Dragon Warrior VIII.